Aleramo’s dream

Rosignano Monferrato



The name Rosignano appeared for the first time on documents dating from the eleventh century. The primitive fortified settlement which has undergone several expansions and renovations over the centuries, had a military garrison on the rock surrounded by the oldest houses. The parish church of San Vittore hosts the statue of “Madonna Dell'Assalto” carried in procession every year in memory of April 1640 when the Spanish army was defeated while besieging the country. Sant’Antonio is the oldest church, built in Romanesque style in the twelfth century, it conserves precious fragments of frescoes of great epoch. Uviglie castle, which was built in the first half of 1300, hosted San Luigi Gonzaga. In Colma, Rosignano's hamlet, the painter Angelo Morbelli used to spend long summer periods at “Villa Maria” the family's countryside residence. You can visit the house and its office on requests; it is where some masterpieces where painted by using the technique called “divisionismo”