Aleramo’s dream




Terruggia is the current name of the village, derived from the Latin word " turricula ", which first appeared in documents in the middle of the twelfth century. It was then passed on to the Marquis of Monferrato, who granted the fief to several aristocratic families. The castle, long gone, has left traces in the encircling layout of the village, in the street names and in the remains of the medieval structure. The parish church of San Martino, consecrated in the early seventeenth century, was remodelled in the following centuries. The small bell tower was further reconstructed by Crescentino Caselli. The " Teatro delle Muse " houses an annual theatrical season and cultural gatherings. Situated on the corner of the town hall, the theatre was purchased in the mid- nineteenth century and renovated in the style of Art Nouveau in the early years of the following century. The large living room with a pavilion vault is decorated with panels depicting the Muses and floral elements.