Aleramo’s dream

Grazzano Badoglio



Some kilometres before Grazzano you can grace alongside the wall of the antique Jewish cemetery with the graveyards of Moncalvo’s most important families surrounded by the high box fences. The historical events of Grazzano are interlaced with the stories of Saint Vittore and Corona’ s abbey that was founded by Aleramo, who rests in a chapel lateral to the church. The legend tells that before the year 1000 Aleramo got the area – which is as large as a ride of three days and three nights -from Emperor Ottone I. The name Monferrato could have derived from the suggestive story of Aleramo, who probably used a brick (known as “mun” in dialect) to shoe (which is “frà” in dialect) his horse. In 1939, the surname of magistrate Pietro Badoglio was added to the village name of Grazzano. Badogliois remembered by the Historical Museum which is staged in his native house.