Aleramo’s dream

Cella Monte



The village of Cellamonte, whose first attestation dates back to the thirteenth century, is rightly defined as the village of music, flowers and the “infernot” - the wine cellars excavated in the typical canton stone which allows wine to age in the dark and at ideal temperature. Some wise conservation work realised in the last decades has permitted the recovery of the residences built with this typical material that preserves shells and small animals that deposited when the sea covered all the Monferrato area. The stunning palace is particularly interesting and unique is its genre with its double poem gallery,which the Volta family exchanged with the local parson in the second half of 1600, so that the parish house could be close to the church dedicated to Giulietta and Quirico. Today the building welcomes the seat of the eco-museum of the canton stone, established by the Piedmont region in 1995 to value the national culture that has influenced and still distinguishes a big part of this territory with its agricultural landscape.