Aleramo’s dream




The name of Camagna, a village of uncertain Roman or early medieval origin, was first mentioned in the thirteenth century. Constructed on top of the hill that separates the valleys of the streams Grana and Rotaldo, it had a castle, built by the Marquis of Monferrato, which collapsed in the eighteenth century . The church of Sant’Eusebio with its majestic dome is of particular interest. It was made ​​by engineer Crescentino Caselli, a student and assistant of Alessandro Antonelli, the famous architect who designed the Mole Antonelliana in Turin. The village is characterized by a high number of infernot . The main square is dedicated to the Lenti brothers, Agostino and Pietro from the partisan brigade of the same name, who were shot in Valenza in September 1944. Among the curiosities there is a large mural wall at the entrance of the village with old houses set in the background of the hills and snow-covered mountains.