Aleramo’s dream

Sala Monferrato



Sala is probably a name of Longbard origin. It isone of the villages where the biggest part of the surface is covered by vineyards. In fact since the seventeenth century its great wines were consumed at the Gonzaga's court, dukes of Mantua and Monferrato. On the highest point of the village is the ancient oratory of San Francesco, which has a small and curious “infernot” excavated under the church. Further down, the big entrance doorto the ancient “ricetto”, a fortified area around the castle, transformed into a neogothic palace, and the parish church of San Giacomo with Guglielmo Caccia's paintings and his school. The town is known for its “Muletta”, the raw meat salami with the guarantee of the council denomination (De.Co.) to be combined with the special bread cooked in an ancient wood oven.